Bands confirmed - in alphabetical order:-

Blue Carpet Band (The)

Blue Carpet Band come on like Little Richard fronting The Stooges. It's The Cramps playing with Knives. It's frenzied, electrifying rock'n'roll, it's primordial punk. This is the type of savage rock'n'roll you need in your life.

Blue Carpet is a 5 piece Garage/Dirty Rock'n'Roll band based in & around London, On a mission to bring back good real music to the boring mainstream.

Millie Manders and The Shutup

Millie Manders and The Shutup create cross-genre punk that is hard to ignore.  With lyricism that pokes fun, draws you in or leaves you questioning social norms teamed with incredible vocal dexterity, grinding guitars, irresistible horn hooks and a pumping rhythm section, the Millie Manders Music Machine churns out more raw punk fusion than you can shake a stick at, with a huge amount of pop appeal.

“Watch this space” is a term very much worth its salt when considering the hype around Millie Manders.  Her live shows electric and her songs infectious. 

If you haven’t listened to her yet, you need to ……….